Fall-Filled Glass

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For some people, fall means the changing of the leaves and the crisp air that goes along with it.

However, one resort in the Poconos prefers enjoying fall in a pint glass.

It’s that time of year where pumpkins are center stage.

At Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort near Delaware Water Gap, pumpkins are getting prepared to be the star of the show.

They’re about to play a very important role as the main ingredient in the seasonal craft beer.

“It’s a really great beer drinking time of year and the Pumpkin Saison hits the nail on the head this time of season,” said Jason Startari, the business manager of Shawnee Craft Brewing.

Since 2009, the resort has had its own brewery, called Shawnee Craft Brewing.

Every season, they create a new brew.

This week they’re making their most popular beer, the Pumpkin Saison.

“Basically we clean them up, cut them up, take all the seeds out, take the stems off. Then, put them right into out mash ton, shower hot water over them until they get nice and gelatinized. Then they become part of the recipe,” said Startari.

Startari took Newswatch 16 into the brewing room to show us the pumpkin getting transferred to several other barrels.

The entire fermenting process will take about two weeks until it reaches the pint glass.

Most of the pumpkins used in Shawnee Craft’s Pumpkin Saison come from the farm at the resort.

In fact, a total of 400 pounds of pumpkins this year alone, which will end up making hundreds of pints of beer.

“We’re going to make three batches of it this year, so we’re going to make quite a bit of beer. I would say until Decemberish we’ll have Pumpkin Saison available,” Startari.

If Shawnee runs out by then, have no fear, there are still several other home-brewed selections to choose from at the resort.