Archery Deer Season Opens Saturday

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STROUDSBURG -- Starting this Saturday, hunters statewide will have an opportunity to bag a buck or a doe using a bow and arrow.

Zachary Muzzey has been slammed for the past few weeks where he works at Dunkleberger's Sports Outfitters in Downtown Stroudsburg.

He's busy fixing all sorts of gear for hunters who are anxious for Pennsylvania's archery deer season which opens on Saturday.

"Fix bows, sight bows in, repair them, and get guys ready for the season," said Muzzey.

Michael Becker is one of the many hunters getting ready for Saturday. He's an archery hunter who prefers using a bow and arrow over a rifle.

"Archery is a little more challenging. That plus it's nice to be out in the fall," said Becker of Snydersville.

Romain Whittaker of Porters Lake is shopping around at Dunkleberger's for an anniversary present for his wife who loves archery.

"Get her all set up with what she needs. She has all the camo and stuff, she's a big hunter,"  said Whittaker.

One important thing about archery is practice. Dunkleberger's has an indoor archery range, where all of the archers can practice taking aim.

"We have the range and we have the dart range if guys want to come in and shoot, to come and practice, so that way they're ready to go for Saturday," said Muzzey.

"You have to practice, for sure. It's a lot harder," said Becker.

Archery deer season in Pennsylvania runs through November 12.

If you are thinking about trying it out, practice makes perfect. Plus, you'll need a hunting license.