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There’s More at the Fair Than Food!

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BLOOMSBURG -- There are people playing bingo, there are folks riding on the sky ride, and some even took carriage rides. Most people say they come to the Bloomsburg Fair to eat, but there are plenty of other things to do.

Some dogs jumped in the water. Some decided they did not want to get wet. Either way, people enjoy watching the dock dog competition at the Bloomsburg Fair.

"This is one of the main reasons why we come to the fair to eat and watch the dogs. We love dogs," Pat Smith said.

Many enjoy seeing the animals, furry friends you normally can't see up close.

"It's cool that you get to pet deer because usually they would run away and they wouldn't let you pet them," Vanessa Rogers said.

Cash prizes are given out for prize-winning livestock. People can walk through the buildings and see which animals won.

"I like dogs, they're dog lovers. So we're in here to see what kind of dogs they have. There are some great animals here," Diane Chelik said.

If you're not an animal lover, there are plenty of other things to do at the Bloomsburg Fair inside the exhibition buildings. Everything from farm equipment to flowers to prize-winning pumpkins.

The agriculture building was filled with people admiring the winners. Outside, shoppers mingle, looking for the best bargains.

"Look at all the crafts, just make sure we hit every aisle! Go in the buildings," Sue Osgood said.

Of course we cannot forget all of the live entertainment at the Bloomsburg Fair. Musicians walk around throughout the day, and the Rodney Atkins concert is tonight at 7:30 at the grandstand.