NEW Vendors at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- With more than 1,000 food stands to choose from, it is hard to go hungry at the Bloomsburg Fair. But in a place where everyone has their favorite food, being a new vendor can be tough.

"You have to have a unique product to come in to any of these events. We're on a side street but people still seek us out," Katie Meyer said.

"Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels" carries pretzels filled with different meats and cheeses.

"We've never been in the fair circuit before we came here. When we got the phone call we jumped at the chance to come here," Meyer said.

Another vendor hoping to stand out is "Everything Waffles". Instead of bread, your chicken, steak or burger is sandwiched between two waffles.

"Put a little bit of syrup on a seven-inch waffle, scrambled eggs, sausage, steak or bacon and cheese. Wrap it up like a gyro and it's a walk away sandwich," DJ Comuntzis said.

A new food that's been on the minds of everyone at the Bloomsburg Fair is the hot roast beef sundae. There is no ice cream in it but it is mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and this cherry on top is a tomato. It's very good.

"We took a chuck roast and do our gravy over mashed potatoes and we have a chicken sundae because everyone loves chicken and gravy over stuffing," Michael Miele said.

Hillside Catering is based out of Williamsport. Employees say the roast beef sundae is a big seller. The customers seem to love it.

"It's delicious. It's really delicious," Steve Lizardi said.