Chase Ends on Street in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Scranton police, with the help of some FBI agents, arrested two men near East Locust Street Friday afternoon.

Investigators said Jesse Rella and Yasin Holmes were dealing heroin and crack cocaine. Rella was also charged with spitting at a WNEP crew after his arrest.

When police went to arrest them after watching a drug buy, they said Holmes jumped out of a black pickup he was riding in and took off.

"There was a black pickup truck and a guy on the curb in handcuffs and the FBI. I was a little surprised, it's a quiet neighborhood around here," said a woman who identified herself only as Nancy.

She watched as police swarmed her street.

Police said Rella, who was driving the truck, stayed in the vehicle and was arrested.

Investigators said they chased Holmes through several yards, over fences and finally into a nearby wooded area.

They threatened to release a police dog, and they said Holmes then surrendered.

"This guy went running through the yard back there and tried to jump in the creek, but they caught him, so that's good," said Melinda Holland of Scranton.

"I cant remember seeing the FBI here, I mean there has been police activity from time to time, but nothing crazy," said Maura Campbell, who lives on East Locust Street.

One woman said she's glad this happened while her child wasn't home.

"The kids come out here and play so I'm kind of glad it was before school, they could have been out here," said Nancy.