Recycling Your Fridge Can Help Boy Scouts

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October is Energy Awareness month and PPL Electric Utilities is offering a way to recycle old, inefficient appliances and help the Boys Scouts at the same time.

Since 2009, PPL Electric Utilities has offered a free way to recycle those old refrigerators and freezers, collecting more than 40,000 of them.

"We have a lot of appliances out there that are inefficient and consuming a lot of electricity and we can get rid of them, replace them with Energy Star and we can recycle 95 percent of the material that we get from refrigerators," said Maureen Fenerty with PPL.

This year, PPL is trying something new to help the environment and local scouts at the same time.

The $35 rebate you will get from PPL for recycling your fridge can now go to Boy Scouts in the Minsi Trails Council.

"We teach them all the time about the environment, how to take care of it, protect it. We have several badges that focus on environmental science and those types of issues so I think it`s kind of a neat learning experience but it`s also a great way for them to make some money for their individual Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops and Venture crews," said Craig Poland, Scout Executive with the Minsi Trails Council.

The Minsi Trails Council serves nearly 17,000 children in Luzerne, Carbon, Monroe, Northampton and Lehigh counties. Money from the PPL initiative can help fund various programs for the scouts.

"We would prefer them to have their money go to a specific pack, troop or crew and at that point in time, it becomes up to that individual scout unit to determine what they`d like and I`m sure many of them will use it for activities and field trips and summer camp," added Poland.

The refrigerators can be a lesson in recycling.

"All the hazardous materials, the glass, the plastic. Everything is completely recycled," added Fenerty. "Turned into other things. You could be driving down the highway and see some of the glass from your refrigerator right there in the asphalt."

And perhaps for the scouts, a lesson in life.

"We’re trying to build character, leadership and achievement in our kids and ultimately what we’re driving to is help them be productive adults when they grow up and I think this is one of those things that shows there’s corporate citizenship that’s in play here through our friends at PPL and there`s also a responsibility as an individual to be able to build and recycle and take care of things that are just not maybe for you but for future generations," said Poland.

You have until December 30th to recycle your old refrigerator and donate to the Boy Scouts. Click here for more information.