Man Tries to Lure Teen After School

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- Wright Township Police are on the lookout for a red car with a driver who they believe tried to lure a 13-year-old Crestwood student into his car Tuesday after school. Some parents in the Mountain Top area are now concerned about who’s hanging out by the school and nearby park.

What a lovely day to play in the park. Andrea Mozeleski brings her grandson to Wright Township Park in Mountain Top frequently. She said she never takes her eyes off of him.

“You just got to watch them now. You can’t trust nobody,” said Mozeleski.

That seems to be what other parents in the Mountain Top area are saying after hearing a man tried to lure an eighth grader at Crestwood Middle into his car Tuesday.

“Pretty scary. It’s not the norm for up here. I mean it can happen anywhere, but it’s just not normal up here,” said Jen Snyder, a parent from Mountain Top.

Police said the boy opted to walk home instead of taking the bus, and he came from the school into Wright Township Park. That’s where police said the incident happened.

Police said a man in his mid 20s approached the boy in a red car, possibly a Volvo. The driver told him to get in the car a few times. The boy refused and the driver took off. No threats were made and the boy was not hurt, but that didn’t stop parents from worrying as they picked up their kids from school.

“To think that if it were someone young, they might not have been as successful in getting away and being able to call their parents,” said Isabella Guarnera-Falvello, a parent from Sugar Loaf Township.

“They just have to be in groups. You have to try and tell them to stay with their friends and not go anywhere by themselves,” said Mozeleski.

Wright Township Police said they didn’t find the car last night, but they increased patrols at the park when school let out today.