Taste Test: Candy Corn Oreos

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With the cooler weather comes many delicious fall delicacies like kettle corn, candy apples, apple cider, and candy corn.

For all you candy corn lovers out there, this one's for you.

Nabsico has concocted an autumnal Oreo and claims it captures the taste of the sugary candy in the cream filling.

The big question is, do new limited edition Candy Corn Oreos really taste like candy corn?

We took them to Roba's Family Farm near Dalton in Lackawanna County to find out.

"It was good, I'd eat the whole thing, but it doesn't taste like candy corn. I love candy corn, but it seriously tastes like a sugar cookie with icing in the middle." said employee Tess Berish.

Jake Roba says he can do without the candy corn flavor, but says these don't measure up to a past limited edition Oreo.

"It just tasted like a normal sugary cookie. But I'm not a huge candy corn fan. It's not as good as the birthday cake ones," said Jake Roba.

In search of more opinions, we went back to the kitchen where scrumptious homemade baked goods are made.

"We have lines waiting for donuts. For what reason i don't know but that's their favorite," said Helen Gregosh.

Gregosh knows the flavor of candy corn well, and says it's hard to taste in Oreo form.

"You've got the vanilla on the outside instead of the chocolate. It does have a little flavor of the corn but not a whole lot," said Gregosh.

"It's a little more sweet than a regular Oreo, but it just doesn't really hit the mark of candy corn," said farm manager Gene Hahn.

Limited edition Candy Corn Oreos go for $3.59 a package.

We found them at Target.