Mystery Tank’s Contents Likely Killed Fish

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CASTANEA TOWNSHIP -- In part of Clinton County folks are trying to solve a mystery involving animal deaths.

People want to know what was in a tank that likely killed dozens of fish.

Harvey's Run flows through a neighborhood near Lock Haven, between homes and right by a park and school bus stop.

Over the weekend, a few dozen fish were found dead in the normally pristine waters of Harvey's Run.

The PA Fish & Boat Commission was called in and emergency crews removed a green tank from the water. Investigators believe whatever chemicals were in the tank wound up killing the fish along with salamanders and other creatures.

"Like the canisters you see for fountain sodas," said Clinton County EMA Director Bill Frantz. "It was one of those canisters, painted completely green, usually they're silver in color, this was green and dumped over the side here."

When emergency crews responded to Harvey's Run on Saturday, they determined the water was okay, so was the air. But the question that lingers now is what was in the canister, and where did it come from?

"To know there's a chemical and not know what it is. That could be hazardous to my kids, anybody's kids, their animals. Anything like that. It is scary to know it was in my neighborhood," said Brandi Bodle of Castanea Township.

Bodle was here to pick up her daughter after school and has told her kids to steer clear of Harvey's Run until there are more answers.

State environmental officials said they may never know what was in the tank because when it was found it was empty.

Neighbor Beth Toner said she is worried for kids and pets including her dog.

"I'm hoping to find out information to find out the stream is clear for her to go back in, it's the first place she goes, we have to really watch her when we let our out to go to the bathroom," said Toner.

If you know where the canister came from, contact officials in Clinton County.

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