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Scoreboard Honors Honesdale Students

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HONESDALE -- In Wayne County, two students killed in car crashes almost a decade ago are being honored Friday night at Honesdale High School.

The scoreboard on the football field will be dedicated to them before the Honesdale/Valley View football game.

At Honesdale High School in Wayne County, the freshly painted football field, and just-cut grass set the perfect stage for the first home game of the season. At the center of it, the brand new scoreboard.

It has been named in honor of Daniel Branning and Tara Pontosky, two former students killed several years ago.

Teachers who knew them say they were each one of a kind.

"He was just a great kid, quality young man, just coming into his own, starting to feel his way around, and he had an infectious smile," says Daniel's teacher Gene Biscontini.

"She was so enthusiastic about everything, she loved what she did, and it's ironic that she would go so soon, but the irony is in doing so, she's teaching us, to appreciate every single moment," says Tara's teacher Dick Roberts.

School officials say Daniel Branning was killed in a car crash back in 2004 at the age of 16. Those who knew him say he had the best personality and loved life. He was very involved in the community, sports and his family. Branning played baseball and football for Honesdale High School and he would have loved the new scoreboard.

Tara Pontosky was also killed in a car crash, she in 2002. She was also 16. Family and friends say Pontosky was funny, outgoing, and loved to make people laugh. She played basketball, was on the dance team and the cheerleading squad. But Pontosky was killed before she was able to cheer for the Honesdale Hornets.

The Brannings and Pontoskys donated the scoreboard through monies raised in the community to help keep their children's' memories alive. The school principal says she hopes the dedication of the scoreboard will serve as a reminder that their children will never be forgotten.

"I'm also hoping that it brings a little closure and will bring maybe a happy thought every now and then of Danny and Tara, their personalities and things they loved so much, it will be reminded to the families through the scoreboard," says school principal Diane Scarfalloto.