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School Gets New Fitness Center

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TROY -- A school in Bradford County is $100,000 richer when it comes to fitness. Earlier this year, Troy Intermediate School entered a contest and became one of three schools in Pennsylvania to win a fitness center at no cost to taxpayers.

Sixth graders at Troy Intermediate School tested out the cardio and weight equipment at the school's brand new fitness center.

"I've always wanted to work out and now I can," Nathaniel Grabill said.

Troy Intermediate is one of three schools in Pennsylvania to win a $100,000 fitness center for free! The National Foundation for Governor's Fitness Council's sponsored the contest. The organization fights childhood obesity.

"We want to honor schools that show innovation when it comes to fitness, nutrition and community," Jake Steinfeld said.

The group's chairman, Jake Steinfeld, of 'Body By Jake' fame, says more than 100 schools in Pennsylvania entered the contest. Phys ed teacher Christina Sheeley filled out a questionnaire is support of Troy Intermediate.

"I did a Power Point, took the pictures that I needed to, then turned it in. Within a week I heard that we won," Sheeley said.

The fitness center was installed over the summer. Then, after an assembly, students and teachers cut the ribbon and saw the new fitness center for the first time.

There are 48 pieces of equipment in this fitness center and more than 500 kids will have access to it. Steinfeld says something like this is the first step to combat childhood obesity.

"To see kid's eyes light up and it's not so much about building bodies as it is confidence and self-esteem, and that is really what makes it. Academics and fitness go hand in hand," Steinfeld said.

"I'm looking forward to doing the arm exercises and leg exercises because I play soccer and volleyball," Emilie Cole said.

"They're going to benefit physically, mentally and it's going to better their lives," Sheeley said.

Troy Intermediate students in grades 4-6 will be able to use the equipment on a daily basis.