High School Students Equipped with iPads

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MONTGOMERY -- Technology is changing the way we do lots of things, even education.

Now the textbook might soon be too "old school" for high school students in part of Lycoming County where one school district is putting each student in touch with an iPad.

Christmas has come a little early for high school students in Montgomery. The sleek new gadget in their hands is Apple's iPad.

Every student, more than 250 of them, will have an iPad to help them learn. Sophomores were getting a crash course in all things tablet before the iPads are handed out.

"It's really going to revolutionize everything. We have huge technology in our hands now and we can access whatever we want," said sophomore Thomas Goetz.

In Aaron Cole's algebra class, the iPads are already being put to the test. Students worked out equations plus they get to take the iPad home to use according to school policy, which district officials hope will equal more interest in school.

"Especially when we can get students more engaged in learning, make them want to be an active part, that's the main thing. If this is one of those ways then I think that's the way to go," said Cole.

An iPad in each students' hands changes the library experience at Montgomery Area School District. It means kids no longer have to check out hardcover books and instead they can check out e-books while at school or even from the comforts of home.

"I don't have to lug around all my textbooks, I can take notes on it, I can do all my classes with one, size of a notebook," said sophomore Emily Winder who added not all students could afford an iPad. Now, the district is giving them access to the latest technology they can use to perform better in school.

Montgomery's superintendent said the district budgeted $50,000 per year for iPads and the new technology should offset costs for textbooks and paper in future school years.

iPad Policy Handbook & Agreements - Montgomery Area School District

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