Burglar Hits Three Businesses in Lackawanna County

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ARCHBALD -- Surveillance cameras caught a burglar breaking into three businesses in a shopping plaza in Lackawanna County.

Police hope the surveillance video will help them catch the culprit.

Archbald police say one man hit all three businesses in the plaza on Main Avenue in the borough in a matter of minutes taking only cash from the cash registers. The crime is something the business owners say they never expected, since they are located on one of the busiest streets in Archbald.

Not even ten minutes after The Bombay Cafe along Main Avenue in Archbald closed for the night, security cameras caught a burglar breaking off the overhead light. Then using a tool to smash the glass door and break-in.

"He had the right tools and everything, to get in there and out. And, if you notice he didn't spend a lot of time on camera," said Archbald Police Captain Joseph Zegalia.

Less than seven minutes to be exact.

That's how long Archbald Police believe it took the man to burglarize each business in the plaza. First The Bomb Bay Cafe, then Valentino's Market and a pizzeria.

The business owners discovered the burglary in the morning. They found three doors and two windows smashed by the crook, and all their cash drawers emptied.

The business owners say they've never had problems with crime in the past. Once employees at The Bombay Cafe got a look at the surveillance video, they noticed something familiar. They suspect the burglar might be a customer.

"It could be possible, the sneakers are familiar, everybody noticed the sneakers. We've seen those sneakers before. So, hopefully we'll find out who it is," said employee Mary Ann Carlo.

The Bombay Cafe is the only business in this plaza with surveillance cameras and a security system. The other businesses thought they were safe because Main Avenue is such a busy street and police are patrolling the area all the time.

"I have no choice, I have to put the cameras in very soon. Hopefully it will never happen again," said Jimmy Kabashi of Albi's Pizzeria.

Kabashi says the property damage is a bigger headache than the financial loss. 

At Valentino's Market, the burglar took cash out of a donation jar.

"These people are my neighbors and they're good friends of mine, it's a terrible terrible thing," said John Pellis, owner of Valentino's Market.

Police in Archbald say they hope the surveillance video and those distinctive sneakers lead them to a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call Archbald Police.