Troopers: Man Stabs Dog Over NFL Game

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- State Police said Edward DeBlock of Dingman's Ferry stabbed his pitbull Lucky after getting angry over a play in Wednesday night's Cowboy's Giant's game and also tried to take a swing at a trooper when he was asked to leave his home.

The incident certainly has neighbors near Dingmans Ferry talking.

"It makes me sick, it makes me upset. They could do that to an animal, what are they going to do to another human being," said August Rempkowski, a Delaware Township resident.

According to troopers, DeBlock got angry a play and stomped his foot. Then, DeBlock got bitten in the thumb by his pitbull. DeBlock's wife took the pitbull into the bedroom, but that's when he took a butcher's knife, stabbed his way into the room, and then stabbed lucky in the leg.

"That is just horrific. I cannot imagine doing that to an animal. That`s just ridiculous," said Justin Herdman another Delaware Township resident.

Deblock now faces charges of aggravated assault, cruelty to animals, resisting arrest and more.

We did speak with DeBlock's wife who didn`t wish to speak on camera, but said that Lucky her dog is back at home, recovering and doing well.

Many people who did speak with Newswatch 16 said they're glad troopers arrested their neighbor.

"They should go to jail because they`re going to hurt a little innocent dog, who knows what they`re going to do to the rest of the animals here and to our kids because our kids cause more noise and more ruckus around here than all of the pets do," said Delaware Township resident Michelle Casale.

"I just hope they take care of this person, and don`t give him no slap on the hand and some fine and probation. These people should pay for what they`re doing," said Rempkowski.

DeBlock is locked up in Pike County.