Fire Investigation in Shamokin

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SHAMOKIN -- In Northumberland County investigators want to know if fire at some vacant buildings is arson. Some people in Shamokin are worried.

Shamokin officials were busy putting tape down on condemned signs and hanging them up, police were seen taking away a box of evidence.

It was all because of a fire which heavily damaged four empty apartment buildings in the 700 block Shamokin Street. Fire chief Bruce Rogers said he blaze was a tough one to fight.

"The inside of the building is loaded with junk, it's more like a storage building for the owner. He's got a lot of cardboard boxes filled with smaller materials, magazines, stuff like that," said Rogers.

Neighbor Debbie Smallwood said the nose from the fire engines didn't wake her up.

"I was asleep, the smoke actually woke me up it was coming in the windows it was pretty bad," said Smallwood.

According to fire officials the blaze began inside the rear of the building. Plus there was no power hooked up to the building.

Police have listed the cause of the blaze as undetermined, but they do have a few leads. They interviewed a man who told officers he spotted a person with a flashlight in the area shortly before the alarm was sounded.

Police Officer Ray Siko said his department does have about three unsolved cases of questionable fires.

"Right now our department has ongoing investigations of several suspicious fires in the past," said Siko.

"Like this one here there's no one who lives in the building, there is no electricity in it and actually wonder what happened in there," said Larry Sheesley, a neighbor.

Shamokin Police are asking anyone with information about the latest fire, to give them a call.