Bridge Repair Affecting Business, Confusing Drivers

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- A heavily-traveled road in the Poconos is temporarily closed for construction for three months. In the meantime, it`s creating trouble for some drivers and preventing customers from doing business at local stores.

A section of Seven Bridge Road, which connects Interstate 80 to Marshalls Creek in Smithfield Township is now closed for bridge repair.

"We're lost!" said Greg Jackson of Philadelphia.

According to PennDOT, the bridge is old and in bad shape. In order to get the work done, crews closed down a small section of the road and now drivers have to go around.

The problem is, their GPS units are also confused.

"We were going the right way.  We're not lost. It took us into a detour here, so we're not sure where to go," said Jackson.

"For our through traffic, which we count on a lot for tourism and everything else, we're not going to see these people at all," said Marc Jackett, the owner of Beer Nuts.

Beer Nuts has been in operation in the strip mall along Seven Bridge Road for 20 years. For the owners, this is the second recent road project in the area to affect business.

"When they first did the bypass, they closed us off for three days and our numbers were way down," said Jackett.

But the owner of Kelly's Deli and Bagels said she won't feel that much of an impact because it's the locals, not the tourists, who keep her in business.

"The bypass hasn't affected us at all. We're more about the local workers in the area," said Kelly Howard.

PennDOT officials say in three months, Seven Bridge Road will once again be open to traffic.