Mt. Carmel Area Red Tornadoes Super 16 Team #4

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Mt. Carmel began the season #1 and finished #2 in last season`s Super 16 Countdown.  In between a lot of things went right for the Red Tornadoes.  But, the season ended with a shutout loss to Lancaster Catholic in the State Playoffs.  Despite losing several key players this program believes there`s room for improvement especially with Zach Wasilewski nailing down the starting quarterback spot.

"Jimmy, I think what we have to do this year is be more consistent on offense.  That was what was wrong last year we were inconsistent on the offensive line.  So, if we develop some consistency, we can go far.
Zach was a sophomore, now having him as a junior and having that rep under him for the last couple of starts he had it carried over.  Did you notice a difference in him during the off-season? A big difference.  He worked hard in the off-season.  Robbie Varano made the transition.  We've got some really good receivers.  Elijah Duran grew a couple of inches-he grew to 6'3" inches. We think we have some real good wide outs.  We`re incorporating a two tight end offense.  So, we feel with the experience we have there if we get that consistency, we`ll be in good shape," said Carmen DeFrancesco.

Mt. Carmel`s Red Death defense is centered around senior Eric Joraskie.  Once again, an all state candidate he`s bigger, he`s quicker and even though he`s really good as Tight End there`s no doubt defensive line is his forte

Defensively, definitely, defense.  I absolutely love it.  I run around causing havoc in the backfield, hitting the quarterback is probably the best feeling you can have on a Friday night," said Eric Joraskie.

Do you think your bigger and quicker than ever? Absolutely, a lot faster, a lot bigger than I was last year and I am really confident going into this season that I`m going to have a bigger impact," added Eric.

I certainly think that we have the potential to be better.  We have a lot of young guys to fill in holes for the guys that graduated and if everyone come to play to their potential we can be very good. You are part of the tradition-you know about it when you were a kid-what does it mean to play for the Red Tornadoes? It means everything. I grew up with the program it was always kind of like one day I`m going to be there and now I`m finally there," said Rob Varano.
 A winning program in the state will just continue to win.  Super 16 team #4 the Mt. Carmel Area Red Tornadoes.