Bookstore Has Plastic Bags at Request Only

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SELINSGROVE -- The campus bookstore at Susquehanna University is going green with a new shopping bag policy.

It's back to school at the university in Selinsgrove, and students were at the campus bookstore picking up all the necessities for a semester of classes.

The days of being offered a "bag for that" are history now that classes are in full swing.

“You will not be offered a bag, you must request a bag. They will be available,” said Kevin McCarty of Follett Bookstores.

Freshman Carly Macormick made her first of many trips to the campus bookstore on move-in day. Macormick and her mother both opted to leave without bags.

“It's one less, and it adds up over time. When I go to the grocery store, I get a lot of bags and then recycle them,” said Pam Macormick of Bryn Mawr.

Many times students at Susquehanna University might get weighed down with all the things they buy at the book store. When they get to the checkout register, they have a choice of whether to get a bag, or to lug all the books home in their own bag. That's not as harmful to the environment.

“It takes somewhere up to 1,000 years for them to decompose. That will help eliminate that, over 900 stores. That's a lot of bags we'll eliminate,” said McCarty.

Student Angelita Dayaram is saving one of the millions of bags from possibly ending up in a landfill, happy to do her part for the earth.

“I think it's a good thing to try and save the environment. It's going to help us all in some way,” said Dayaram.