Teen Heading to Trial on Attempted Homicide Charge

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A 17-year-old suspect in a shooting that injured another teen during a drug deal was in court for a hearing on Wednesday.

Dominique Smith now faces a trial on charges that he shot a 17-year-old girl in the head during a drug deal near Tobyhanna.

On Wednesday several witnesses told the judge what happened that night earlier this month.

The magistrate decided there is enough evidence against Smith to send him to trial.

Investigators said Smith fired several shots from a handgun into a car with five teens because he felt disrespected.

“He thought maybe they were taking advantage of him. That's why he fled the first time, and he decided to one-up the issue,” said Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso.

One of the teens in the car was the victim's best friend.

At the hearing she testified about seeing sparks from the gunfire.

She testified that as the car sped away, that's when she noticed her friend got shot.

Some other evidence presented at the hearing included text messages between Smith and the teen who set up the drug deal.

Smith's lawyer has a lot of questions.

“Finding out about these witnesses, I want to know if they have a reason to lie, what kind of deals were made with the D.A. It's all circumstantial. Nobody can point and say 'I saw him, he did it,'” said Michael Ventrella, defense attorney.

Smith is heading to trial on a charge of attempted criminal homicide.

As for the victim, investigators said she is still recovering.