Mifflinburg Wildcats Super 16 team #7

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Nazar Mironenko won a state wrestling title last season for Mifflinburg. The heavyweight drove opponents into the mat, now he is hoping to do the same on the football field this season.

"Nazar brings a lot of attention to himself. He is a big kid going 6-1 and 270 lbs. He is a strong force and a leader up front for us. We have a lot of good guys surrounding Nazar so they can't just focus on him. However there will be a lot of attention to him," said Jason Dressler.

"We seem to have most of our line back. So we're looking on building that and building a stronger offense to go with our quite impressive defense," said Nazar Mironenko.

Junior Kyle Failor gets the nod at quarterback for coach Jason Dressler, and when he is not passing Michael Wiand can use that 4.3 speed in the 40 to run by opposing defenses.

"Lots of fun last year and this year we're just going to try to extend and get those games we lost and win those games and hopefully go farther. What's the strength of the team right now? Is it up front for Coach Dressler? It's definitely up front. We have a great line this year and our backs are back. We're good. We're healthy that should be a good run game," said Michael Wiand.

"He's been working hard. The hardest working guy in the off-season. He is doing a lot in the off-season preparing for this season. He is doing a great job. A very strong kid looking for big things out of him this year," said Jason Dressler.

After losing a close ball game to Athens in the regular season last year the Wildcats lost two more games. One to local rival Lewisburg and the other to Blake Rankin and Bloomsburg in the District 4 playoffs right here in Mifflinburg. It was a bad way to end the season, but hopefully a learning curve for this group.

"Team goals obviously this year we're looking to go undefeated by the end of the season. That expectations the kids have they brought forth. Again repeating the PHAC championship and moving on in the playoffs getting deeper in the playoffs," again said Coach Dressler.

The pieces are in place for the Wildcats to win now. Who joins Mironenko and Wiand along the way we'll find out. Super 16 team #7 the Mifflinburg Wildcats.