Parking Wars at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- You can call it an ongoing "parking war" at East Stroudsburg University as students search for the perfect parking spot.

But this year, the war comes at a cost as students have to pay to park.

"We never had to pay for parking before up until now and I think it's just an added fee," said Eric Soler, an ESU Senior.

Students who have vehicles must pay to park on campus. The cost ranges from $90 to $110 for the school year.  

On the first day of class Monday, some students said they're already frustrated.

"It took me 35 minutes to find a parking space.  People were pushing people out of the way, trying to get parking spots," said Alyssa Fargione, an ESU Senior.

"It's horrible. Today I actually missed my first class," said Charlie DuBois, an ESU Junior.

Parking officials said while there are enough spots for students, the one main issue is that some of these spots might not be close to where these students take class. Some students said that's not fair because this year they have to pay for a spot.

"I almost screamed and left campus for good," said Fargione.

"I had to drive around the parking lot, came up here, checked all these lots. Finally I got a spot way back there, and had to walk all the way down to my class and I was 25 minutes late and I couldn't get in," said DuBois.

East Stroudsburg University parking officials said the parking fee will go toward better parking facilities.

But for now, students may have to budget a little more time to find a spot and get to class.