Little Leaguers Take the Day Off

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- In just a few days a team will be named champion of the Little League World Series, but on Thursday there was no baseball played in South Williamsport.

Music, dancing, and of course lots of food! There were no baseball games at The Wheel Inn near Trout Run. Instead, there were hot dogs, hamburgers and volleyball. The teams in the Little League World Series had the day off.

"We're just playing, having fun," Omar Cervantes said.

"We're just going to have fun. All the families came out with their sons the players and we just hung out here," said Jared Mendiole.

The Wheel Inn, in Tioga County held a picnic for all the Little League teams. Around 200 players, coaches, volunteers and family members enjoyed the warm weather and each other's company.

"It's amazing. We were just playing ultimate frisbee and it's fun. We're teaching the Uganda team some games and they're teaching us. It's fun," said Greg Mehlhaff.

"We having fun with the other teams and we playing with each other," said Siamani Boekhoudt.

The kids from Europe, Mexico and Uganda playing soccer together is just one of the ways the kids are getting to know each other at the Little League World Series. They said besides the baseball, that has been the best part.

"It's been cool to meet others. Have they been really nice? Yeah," said Daniel Alio.

The kids from all over the world are forming friendships that will last a lifetime.

"I have friends at school and stuff, but here it's like brothers almost," said Cayden Smekens.

After the picnic, each of the players got a gift bag filled with toys and candy. They all said it was a great way to spend their day off from the baseball diamond.