“Aunt Carol” Looks Out for Little Leaguers

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- We told you about the "uncles" at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport. They are the ambassadors to the teams and help with whatever they need. Each team has two. There are 31 uncles, and one aunt.
Today we spoke to "Aunt Carol" about what it is like to be the one woman among a sea of men.
The Little League team from Japan got its practice in early. Watching from the sidelines was Carol Zyssett. Carol is one of 32 "uncles" at the Little League World Series, but you can call her "Aunt Carol."
"Basically we are the connection of the coach and the manager and we help them in any possible way," said Zyssett.
Each team has two ambassadors. 31 of them are men, and Carol is the only woman, which is just fine with her. 
She has two sons and has been involved in baseball in the Williamsport area for years. She has been known as "Aunt Carol" at the Little League World Series for 12 years.
She said the kids do not treat her any differently than her partner, "Uncle Doug."
"I think that they realize that we're here to help them in any way. They're very respectful, always picking up things for me, but I'd rather do it for them," said Zyssett.
Carol said the boys’ mothers are always happy to have her around because she brings a different perspective, a mother's perspective to the team.
"She is like mother," said Hajima Motegi.
"Mucasa, mother in Japanese. I like that," said Zyssett.
"Aunt Carol" or "Mucasa Carol" said she is proof that the job of a team host is not just for men.
"It is not, and you get a whole different perspective.  It's great having Uncle Doug and me, I see things that Doug doesn't and Doug sees things," said Zyssett.