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Augusta Decision Inspires Women

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- Some golfers in the Poconos think allowing women to be part of the once all-male Augusta National Golf Club will end up benefiting the sport of golf.

Just the mere mention of Augusta National Golf Club, and you'll notice golfers of any skill level and any age beam with excitement.

"I would say it's a big deal.  I would love to go see it and play there and be a member there. It's a real big deal," said Steve Krechel, the golf coach of Pleasant Valley High School.

At Water Gap Country Club in Delaware Water Gap, the greens were filled with dozens of golfers taking advantage of a sunny and dry summer day.

But the word on the green Monday wasn't about the weather, instead it was about the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia now allowing women to joins its historically all-men club.

"I think it's a step in the right direction. It opens the doors to more people and hopefully they can get more women in there and make it a little bit more equal," said Krechel.

"It's a unisex sport and everyone should be allowed to play," said Mitch Bartholomew, the club professional at Water Gap Country Club.

"It's great for Augusta. It's great for the two golfers.  I hope they enjoy it, I'd love to be a member myself," said Luke Chassard, a junior at Salisbury High School.

"I think it's great that women get to come out and show that they can be equal to men.  It's kind of empowering that it can be an equal sport and not just a one gender sport," said Samm Firestone, a senior at Pen Argyl High School.

For Firestone, the news is very inspiring.

She picked up golfing just two years ago and like so many athletes, has her eyes set high.  She is hopeful about her future in golf, now that women are allowed to be part of the most elite golf club in the world.

"It gives me hope that if I want something enough I can do what guys can do too," said Firestone.

The Augusta National Golf Club is most known for hosting the Masters Tournament.