Seven People Arrested In PA NY Drug Bust

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Law enforcement agencies from two states, held an afternoon news conference in New York to explain a drug investigation that included both the Empire State and Pennsylvania and the country of Mexico.

Officials from both states, and the Drug Enforcement Agency say seven people were arrested as part of this drug ring.

Those suspects, including two men from Susquehanna County, are accused of distributing large amounts of crystal methamphetamine.

Officials say this bust now puts a huge dent in the crystal meth dealings in our area and southern New York.

More than a pound and a half of crystal meth, with a street value of about $120,000, almost 50 firearms, and over $30,000 in cash, all taken off the streets, after a joint investigation with New York State Police, the Drug Enforcement Agency and Susquehanna County.

"It means a lot of meth is off the streets that's been brought up over the last six or eight months, a tremendous amount of meth coming to the area through this group," says Lt. Patrick Garey of New York State Police.

Seven people were arrested including Dillan Capwell of Montrose and Ernesto Nava of New Milford, the rest are from out-of-state.

Officials say the suspects did not manufacture crystal meth, but instead transported it across state lines for distribution, the drugs coming all the way from Mexico, through Georgia, and into PA and New York.

"Meth is a destructive drug and it drives other criminal behavior. It just doesn't destroy the person it destroys communities, it destroys families, it's dangerous. I hope this creates a deterrent," says Susquehanna County D.A. Jason Legg.

This comes after several homes and businesses in Susquehanna County and across state lines were raided as part of "Operation Crystal Ball."

Some people we spoke with in New Milford say they were shocked to hear about the drug bust, but many others we spoke with, say they are not surprised at all.

"It's always been a nice quiet town, I guess that's why they got away with it for so long, it's just been so quiet and nobody looks here," says David Osterhout of New Milford.

"I think there's bad everywhere now, in the cities, and it doesn't matter if you go to these nice little areas," says Ron Bek, who works in New Milford.

The suspects all face several charges including conspiracy to distribute and possession of meth.

If convicted they face up to life in prison.

They are all locked up in New York state.