Couple Fears Hole Will Affect Home

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SHENANDOAH -- Shenandoah officials are dealing with a broken sewer line but this one is different. It's threatening the Dodson family's flowers and they fear it will get closer to the foundation of their home.

"I was shocked how much it eroded and how far underground it goes and I could see my garden was going down into it," said Mary Lou Dodson.

"I am afraid the sewer line is busted and all that gas will escape and stink up the neighborhood," Rich Dodson.

The Dodson`s face another problem. A garage roof on a neighbors property collapsed and inside it's filled with all kinds of debris. The owner moved out 19 years ago.

The Dodson's fear all that debris left open to the elements for all those years may have developed mold.

"I have respiratory problems and I am on oxygen and that could be some of my respiratory problems because i have a lot of allergies and mold is one of them," said Mary Lou.

Within 24 hours after being contacted by Newswatch 16, borough officials sent a crew up to do temporary repairs. The borough was also contacted by the family's attorney.

As far as the garage is concerned a spokesman for the borough said they are trying to contact the owners to take care of this problem too.