Neighbors Shaken After Shots Fired

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PLYMOUTH -- The Forsey family is used to spending quality time on their front porch.

But after a drive-by shooting put a bullet hole in their screen door, they said they're sticking to the back porch from now on.

"My husband and I just sat down to watch television, and all of a sudden, I hear bang-bang bang-bang and then I heard a bang off my screen door," said Patricia Forsey, of Plymouth.

Plymouth police say it was one of possibly six shots that were fired on West Shawnee Avenue in Plymouth.

They believe the shots were fired from an unidentified car at two men in their 20s who were walking down the block.

No one was injured but cars and the Forsey's door were hit.

And now the Forsey's are scared about what's happening in Plymouth.

"A couple inches one way, it could have been my husband. A couple inches another way, it could have been my neighbor. You don't know," said Patricia Forsey.

Patricia's son Richard lives nearby.

He said between his parents next door and his children living with him, he wants police to step up their patrols in the area.

"I don't even let my kids walk the street because you never know what'll happen. I mean I've got my 11 year old. I got my 14 year old. You never know what's going to happen. I mean I got to protect them all, you know?" said Richard Forsey.

Plymouth police are working with the state police forensic unit as the investigation continues.