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Landmark Business Destroyed Twice

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SHENANDOAH -- Seven families forced out of their apartments, Main Street shut down for hours and a landmark nightclub all but destroyed by fire. That was the scene today in Shenandoah.

As dawn broke the fire could still be seen eating away at Thunder Road. Main Street was shut down.

Fire officials believe the flames started in the rear of the building. The cause is under investigation.

People from nearby apartments watched. They said they were driven out by smoke from Thunder Road.

Roberta Fisher is one of seven families affected. She is concerned about the safety of her son.

"I'm scared to stay there because I don't want the fire to start again because he's all have. Everything I have is in that apartment, that`s it," said Fisher.

Danielle Ernst said being awakened before dawn because of fire was stressful.

"I couldn't even think, I didn't know what to do, I just got my kids out, I didn't know what to think," said Ernst.

Richard Ernst carries the families belongings to a relative's house, trying to safeguard clothes and other items from the smoke.

"This is the second time I've been through this, it burned before the same thing, we've been standing outside all day again. It's a little nerve-racking." said Ernst.

Richard Ernst is referring to Thunder Road four and a half years ago. A fire next door spread to the business and all but destroyed it. The family rebuilt the place then, it's not clear if they'll rebuild Thunder Road again.

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