Laceyville’s Water Woes Continue

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LACEYVILLE -- Laceyville residents are still under a boil water advisory four months after a dead mouse was found in the borough's reservoir.

For months, volunteer firefighters and part time borough council-members have been trying to clean up and fix up the building the reservoir is in.

During that time, the roughly 450 people in the community have had to buy or boil their water.

"Yeah, we`ve just somewhat gotten use to it, our electric bill goes up a little bit because you`re heating water all the time. Like tonight, we`ll have our supper and then we`ll boil water to rinse the dishes, boil water to do the dishes in," said Albert Robinson.

Once a week, Ruth Heft and her family head to a well about five miles away to bottle 20 or 30 gallons.

They said the water has brown, sometimes milky-colored with an odor.

Laceyville leaders said the water system here is outdated, but it will cost a lot to fix that.

"They've had water problems in this town for a long time and I sympathize with the town that they inherited most of these problems, but you know, enough is enough already, it seems like it's gone on for too long," said Ruth Heft.

The mayor said the boil water advisory could be lifted as soon as next week.

"It's very upsetting to have to go out and buy it and you know it's time consuming to not be able to go out to the spigot and pour it and it's gotten rather expensive," said Stacey Nystrand.

"We think there should be some resources somewhere we could get some money to get some help," said Gladys Place.

A structural engineer will be checking the reservoir Friday, accrding to Laceyville officials, and state officials are scheduled to test the water twice next week.

If all goes well, Laceyville's boil advisory could be lifted by next week.