Sunbury’s Riverfront Project Finished

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SUNBURY -- It has taken years but the multi-million dollar riverfront project in Sunbury is complete.

In fact, there are probably lots of folks out enjoying it right now.

Sunbury's riverfront has a whole new look these days. Workers only have some finishing touches to put on the project along the Susquehanna River.

Karen Herschell of Lewisburg brought the family to see how the area had been transformed into a riverwalk with boat docks and an amphitheater.

"You drive by and you don't realize this beautiful walk on the other side," Herschell said. "I hope they really promote this as a walking destination."

It took three years to complete. High river levels along with design changes put the project on hold a few times. That's according to Jim Eister who oversaw the riverfront improvements. He hopes it's a hit with the public.

"The question was parking. We hope they complain about the parking because that means there's so many people here we're having a good time," said Eister, who's on Sunbury City Council.

So far, Eister says the riverfront has been a big draw -- mostly in the evenings and it's just been completed.

Some people who are here for the first time say they'll be back.

"Now they have this,and you have a nice spot to have a picnic or something," said Kimmie Muroya of Lewisburg.

For many years now a flood wall has separated the city of Sunbury and the Susquehanna River. Now that the riverfront project is complete, it's a place for people to recreate and enjoy the waterfront view which brings the city and river together.

"We have taken and brought things together. Taxpayers have funded the project and can utilize the river," Eister said.

The $11 million project was funded by state, federal and local money and will officially open next Thursday.