Eagles Fans Offer Reid Family Sympathy At Training Camp

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LEHIGH UNIVERSITY -- The world of professional football is in mourning as tragedy struck the Philadelphia Eagles and the team's head coach Sunday.

Garrett Reid, 29, the son of coach Andy Reid, was found dead inside a dorm room at Lehigh University in Northampton County, where the Eagles are holding their training camp.

Monday night, dozens of fans streamed out of the football stadium at the university, as the Philadelphia Eagles ended another day of training camp.

But missing from practice was head football coach Andy Reid as well as Reid`s son Garrett. Garrett was found dead early Sunday morning.

Chris Dudek from Dupont says coach Reid`s absence made this tragedy all the more real.

“It’s sad not seeing him here on the field,” said Dudek.

According to the team, Reid was found dead inside a dorm room on campus.

He had been working with the team during training camp.

Fred Lawrence brought his young son in from Selinsgrove and says this news was a shock.

“I was very sad for them,” said Lawrence. “I think it`s going to be a long process of recovery.”

Investigators have not said what caused Garrett`s death, only that it doesn`t appear suspicious.

Garrett struggled with drug addiction in the past and in 2007 both he and his younger brother Britt were both arrested after two separate traffic accidents.

Garrett pleaded guilty to driving under the influence however it appeared recently Garrett had been trying to turn his life around.

“It`s terribly sad, horrible, like the family to get a break,” said Dennis Kelly from Warrington.

“When you lose your child, that`s just devastating,” said Brian Sweger of Harrisburg. “A father and a son have a special bond, you know and so it makes it even harder.”

And it`s not just fans expressing sympathy but the entire football league at large. Several players and coaches have taken to Twitter to support the family.

“I think it shows a testament to Andy Reid and what he`s done over the past 14 years,” said Lawrence.

The cause of Garrett's death is under investigation pending the autopsy.

Monday night Andy Reid released a statement saying: “Even though [Garrett] lost the battle that has been on-going for the last eight years, we will always remember him as a fighter who had a huge, loving heart."