Stop Sign Coming to Middle Road

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NANTICOKE -- A warning to all drivers who use Middle Road in Nanticoke: a new stop sign is coming.

PennDOT put up these signs as a safety measure to alert them of the new signage scheduled to be installed sometime around August 13th.

"Everything moves pretty quick. People speed through and no one really stops or cares about anyone else down here," said Josh Allabaugh, of Nanticoke.

Josh Allabaugh lives just down the road from where the stop sign will go and believes the sign is a much-needed addition.

"I hope so. At least so people slow down and people are always going into the college. Definitely overdue," said Allabaugh.

At the intersection of Middle Road a Koskiousko Street, workers here at the fitness center say the new stop sign will help keep customers safer pulling into the center.

"There`s been a lot of fast driving here a lot of speeding. There`s been numerous accidents on middle road so it will definitely be a big help," said Melissa Everett, a worker at Nanitcoke Fitness Center.

Penndot officials say the stop sign is needed here at the intersection of Kosckuiso Street and Middle Road, not only because of complaints from people who live near here but also because of the increased attendance numbers of students who go to Luzerne County Community College.

"It`s just a lot safer. They have to stop. They have to look and pay attention," said Amber Degnan, of Wilkes-Barre.