Rebuilding a Skatepark

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BLOOMSBURG -- A special event is planned this weekend to help pay for repairs to a skate park that is in bad shape.

At one time the Bloomsburg Skate Park was a popular place for kids to skateboard and ride their bikes, but now all that is left is rotten wood and caution tape. Kids in Bloomsburg can no longer play at the skate park.

"I'm kind of a little upset about it because I can't go out there and hang out with friends and family and ride my bike a lot," said Deja Cummings.

The Bloomsburg Skate Park closed after the September flood. Travis Creveling said the flood left several inches of water in the park, which caused the wood to rot. He and his friends have decided to raise money to fix the skate park.

"The ultimate goal is to replace all the wood with cement. Cement is the way to go because in the long run we can do more with it and the upkeep will be minimal," said Creveling.

Creveling said the plan is for the park in Bloomsburg to look similar to this one near Danville. The entire project will cost around $150,000.

Creveling said the park is going to be rebuilt in phases as the donations start to come in. Work has already started on an eight feet tall cement bowl that he said is going to be the first of its kind in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

"So we're going to build that and repair all the wood ramps that are sitting here now so the park can be open for all the kids to use. Next year as more money comes in we can put in more cement obstacles and go from there," said Creveling.

"These guys are doing great things for the park so far. I just hope I can ride my bike here again sometime soon," said Tim Coyne.

The group hopes a fundraiser on Sunday will push them closer to their goal. The event is at the Bloomsburg Fire Hall. It is $30 for a raffle ticket and all you can eat and drink. For more information click here.