Barely Creek Brewing Company

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The Poconos is Home to many fine eateries.  Visit the Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville, PA  for a tour of this micro brewery and a recipe for salmon using their fine beer.

Salmon Oasis 
Ingredients Needed:
1 – 6 ounce salmon fillet
2 ounces citrus mix (1 part pineapple juice, 1 part OJ and dash lime juice)
6 ounce Ironarm Belgian Wheat
2 ounces diced pineapple
Heat sauté pan with 1 oz of oil.  Place salmon fillet into sauté pan and sear on each side for one minute.  Add citrus mix and Belgian Wheat to the sauté pan.  Take another sauté pan, turn it upside down and place on top of the other pan, using it as a lid.  The salmon will take approx. 8-10 minutes to cook.  The liquid in the pan will reduce as the salmon cooks.  Do not let all the liquid reduce to nothing.  You will need about ounce remaining in the pan to use a saucing.  For the last minute of cooking, add diced pineapples.  Let cook for 1 minute.  Remove salmon fillet from pan and place on a plate.  Pour the remaining sauce and diced pineapples over top of the salmon fillet.
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