Dry Golf Courses

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WILKES-BARRE -- The recent dry weather has taken a toll on some of the golf courses in our area, including one in Luzerne County.

The Cunningham brothers teed off at the Hollenback golf course in Wilkes-Barre despite the fairways looking a little worse for wear.

The greens are green. They`re being watered. But the fairways are brown and the grass is dried and crispy. The Cunninghams say it may not look pretty, but the dry conditions actually help their game.

"We like it better because the ball rolls down the fairways instead of having to hit good shots just hit it down the fairway it just rolls," said Brendan Cunningham.

"Might get an extra 50 yards on my ball at least. That`s the best way to look at it. Might need a hammer to get the tees down," added his brother, Joe Cunningham.

The biggest problem isn`t playing on the fairways it`s getting the tee into the ground that`s about as hard as concrete.

Fairways are completely dried out. They are burned up

Clubhouse attendant Darrell Smith says the dry conditions he`s seeing are more typical of September than mid July. And it will take more than just a thunderstorm to make the brown fairways match the greens.

"How much rain do we need? We need a few inches, we need a good soaking all day rain to get it started," said Darrell Smith.

But if it stays dry, that`s perfectly fine for the Cunninghams -- who may just have an extra advantage when it comes to playing golf in Wilkes-Barre.