Hot Weather Hits Fair for Second Year

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HUGHESVILLE -- For the second year in a row it has been a hot one at the Lycoming County Fair.

Last year, organizers said the 100 degree heat kept fairgoers away and 4-H kids tending to their animals.

While the temperatures raced higher and higher at the fairgrounds in Hughesville, race-horses warmed up on the track.

The Schoeffel family came prepared and plugged in fans to keep their steeds as cool as possible.

"You have to give them lots of water and put fans on them," said Kylee Schoeffel.

Keeping the livestock cool and comfortable is a full-time job for 4-H kids at the Lycoming County Fair.

Emily Voneida of Hughesville is showing sheep this year and refills their water every two to three hours.

"They're just like us, we need water, they sweat it off," said Voneida.

If they do not get water, Nicole Dgien's cows could dehydrate and get cranky and she does not want that.

"It's coming down here earlier in the morning, feeding and cleaning stalls. It's all fun. You get to do the shows, get to have fun, be around your friends. What more can you ask for on a Summer day?" asked Dgien.

Fair organizers said they cannot put a percentage on how much the heat affected attendance last year when temperatures soared over 100 degrees. This year, it is pushing 100 degrees and the turnout is still not what the fair organizers would like to see.

"We'd rather have it be a little cooler and on and off rain, and a lot of people still come," said Betsey Lepley with Hewlett's Hot Sausage.

So while hot sausage is not quite having its day in the sun, ice cream is a hot ticket while the summer heat beats down on the fair.