Father-Son Duos Racing to Keep It In the Family

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"He knows a lot more than I do and I just use his experience to my advantage. " - Joey Colsten

"When you're racing out there and they call the lineup over the radio if he's behind you, you listen to see where he's at and thinking about those kinds of things. " - Mike Colsten

"It's kind of a love-hate relationship basically.  It's not so good when I make a mistake and I have to listen to him tell me about it compared to a couple friends flipping out or something. " -Bobby Trapper

"If we both have a bad night, we both walk around with our tails between our legs but we're cheerleaders for each other, we're both competitive. " - Bob Trapper

"It's fun sometimes.  I mean, when we get close its kind of nerve-racking because if I wreck him, I'm gonna have to fix it. " - Mike Nagel Jr.

Hearing the names, "Nagel", "Trapper", and "Colsten" Coming from the track announcer at Penn Can Speedway every Friday night has been a tradition for many years, all because racing has been a way of life for these drivers past and present.  What may have started as a father sharing that experience with his son, became much more.

"It's intense at times.  It's not always awesome, we're competitive people.  We have a ball with it.  It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun," says Bob Trapper.

For the Nagel family, racing spans 3 generations from Carl Nagel, to his son, Mike Sr., and onto his grandson, Mike Jr.

"My grandpa raced for 50-some years, my dad has raced for 35 years and this is my sixth year so we just keep going.  It's a lot of family time, a lot of time to work on the race car together, and you don't really have time to do much else," says Nagel Jr.

No matter how hard each driver wants to drive on their own out on the track, it's always nice to come back knowing you have the support of one of your family members right beside you.

"It's nice having both of us out there if something happens to me one night and he does really well or vice versa, at least we got one car doing good.  It's the best when we both finish up front," says Joey Colsten.

Whether it's winning or losing, it's not just the lesson of good sportsmanship these families leave with every Friday night. It's knowing that you've got your family to back you up.

"To come here and have all the time with my family and get so much closer, it's almost like the best friend you'll ever have in your life.  It's a great time," says Bobby Trapper.