Hynoski Starts 2nd NFL Season With NY Giants

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Henry Hynoski's first season in the National Football League ended with a ticker tape parade thru New York City and another Superbowl for the New York football Giants, but it began here in Northumberland County for the rookie free agent. Friend and trainer Tony Schiccitano putting Henry thru a workout-Babe Mayer in Williamsport finding ways for the fullback to flourish. Everything worked-Henry cracked the starting lineup and wound up winning it all.

"You really can't expect to win a Superbowl your first year, but it was just an unbelievable experience something I'll never forget. Just being able to share that with my family my friends-the whole community and I'm blessed, but I want to get another one. I'm spoiled now so that's my goal every year to win a Superbowl," said Henry Hynoski.

Hynoski still weighs the same as he did last year, but now he is down to 4% body fat a more chiseled look which should allow him to be more mobile in the giants offense.

"I just want to go in establish that I'm more of a physical presence as a blocker this year. I think that was my forte last year, but I feel so much bigger, stronger, and faster this year. I want to go in and obviously show my blocking skills right away, but also show that I can run the ball and catch the ball too and just show that I can be utilized in a variety of ways," again said Henry.

Henry is a winner. In high school he re-wrote the record books at Southern Columbia. In college the Pitt Panthers offense put up numbers, now for the Giants to improve with Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Victor Cruz so must #45.

"You have to approach it like your one of them now like you're an equal and the fact is I became good friends with a lot of these guys so it's just we're all on the same page. We're all here working everyday to get better and better and just have our goal and to win the world championship again," added Henry.

The September 5th home opener with the Cowboys will be a final time to remember.

"The whole six month process from going to training camp to winning the Superbowl I feel like it was six minutes. It just went by so quick but there's not a memory I won't forget."

Dallas takes on the NY Giants at Met Life Stadium September 5th.Tampa Bay comes in September 16th then the Giants are on the road September 20th at Carolina before heading to Philadelphia on September 30th.