Project to Tear Down Building Complete

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DANVILLE -- Crews finished up demolition of an old building in Montour County.

Demolition crews spent the last week and a half tearing the building that used to be Doc’s Shoe Sales and Repair down.

People in Danville called the building as an eyesore, and said they are happy to see it go.

“That building was absolutely horrible. It would have taken a fortune to fix it up,” said Mary Ellen Ashenfelder of Danville.

“It was really an eyesore. I mean, the poor man had a shoe business and he just didn't take care of the place,” said Otto Wolke of Danville.

A section of Mill Street was closed for more than a week during the demolition. 

Tom Beiter owns Beiter's Department Store which is right next to the property. He was concerned demolition would affect his business, but said downtown Danville was still busy with shoppers who wanted to watch the shoe repair store being torn down. Beiter said he is glad the building came down safely.

“We sustained no damage to our building which was a big concern. We were closed for a day and they did evacuate us briefly one afternoon while they brought a chunk of it down,” said Beiter.

Crews put topsoil and seeds in the empty lot to finish the work, but it's not yet known what the property will become.

The code enforcement officer said that while Mill Street was closed, the borough crews took advantage of that. They did some yearly maintenance work and painted the curbs and crosswalks.

Danville officials plan to put a lien against the property so whoever buys the property will have to pay the cost of tearing it down.