Mother Of 15-Year Old Shooting Victim Speaks Out

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DURYEA -- Speaking from her home in Duryea, Barbara Abaunza is dealing with a range of terrible emotions.

While grieving for her 15-year-old daughter Lisa who police say was gunned down with two other people inside an apartment in Plymouth Saturday night, she is now finding herself having to defend who Lisa was.

“She got mixed up with meeting new friends as she thought and she had only known them for a few weeks so she had no idea.” said Abaunza.

Police say Shawn Hamilton, 18, and his brother Sawud Davis, 16, shot Bradley Swartwood, 21, during a drug deal at Bradley`s apartment.

Danny Maldonado, 19, Nicolas Maldonado, 17, and Lisa were there at the time and were also shot.

Only Danny Maldonado survived and is in critical condition in the hospital.

Barbara said her daughter met the other victims recently through her girlfriend.

“She said 'mom, these are good kids. We sit around, we watch movies, we do this, we do that, she said we don`t do anything wrong',” said Abaunza. “She was told these were good kids and apparently she was misled. My daughter was only 15. she was naive.”

Barbara said her daughter just finished her freshman year at Scranton Prep.

She was looking forward to enjoying the summer, turning 16 and getting her learner's permit.

“This isn't a kid out looking for thrills and problems and trouble. That's not what she was looking for. Friends, she wanted to make friends," her mother said.

But Barbara says Lisa was also looking forward to the rest of her life, a life that now no longer exists.

“She was and is still, the most important thing that has ever come into my life. I love her so much.”