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Court Blocks Minimum Wage for City Employees

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SCRANTON -- A judge in Lackawanna County has granted a one-day injunction against Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty's plan to reduce the salaries of all city workers to minimum wage.

Judge Michael Barrasse will hold a hearing Friday to determine whether the pay cuts will remain.

Despite the injunction, the mayor says the city has no money to pay the workers, even though the city is under contract to pay them.

“We understand what the judge wants to do, and we appreciate his perspective, but the reality is because city council has underfunded their budget we don't have any money, we have enough money to pay minimum wage and if more money comes in we'll be happy to make those payments,” said Mayor Doherty.

The salaries were slashed last week. Scranton city solicitor Paul Kelly said the city only has around $5,000 in its accounts.

The mayor said city council must come up with a plan in order to get the city out of this hole.

“The issue is council has to borrow their budget. They passed it, they overruled my veto, the banks will give you money but said you know what, show us how you'll pay us back. Til this day they have not been willing to do it,” said Doherty.