Veterans Honored for 4th of July

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GILBERT -- For two members of the Korean War Veterans Association in the Poconos, celebrating the Fourth of July means bringing veterans together.

Mainly, those who live in nursing homes.

"This is my crew, that's me, my copilot, Louie.  He was a gunner," said Bert Zimmerman, a World War II Veteran.

Zimmerman proudly pointed out the members of his flight crew, who all served in the Army Air Corps back in the 1940s.

Zimmerman is one of several veterans from Monroe County who were brought together to celebrate the Fourth of July.

The group was brought together with the help of two members and veterans of the Korean War Veterans Association in Gilbert.

"We invite the nursing homes to send as many as they can of veterans. We don't care where they served, how they served, we wanted to give them a little bit of joy outside of a nursing home," said Ron Boyd, a Korean War Veteran.

The group of veterans got together, some meeting for the very first time, inside the American Legion in Gilbert.

Some of the veterans brought pictures and told Newswatch 16 their stories about war.

James Berger showed us a picture of a wedding that took place while he was in training during World War II.

"This is me. I was the youngest man in the crew.  Our engineer was 30. We called him grandpop," said Berger.

Berger wears a shirt that says "Ryan's Rascal's" because the group he was with during the war always got in trouble!

But Berger says it wasn't always fun and games. As he looked at the picture from long ago, he said, "I look at it and I can laugh now. But it wasn't any fun.  When church came on Sunday, everyone went to church."

Charles Snyder lives in Kresgeville and served in the Navy during World War II.

"It's always good to get together, compare notes, which we've done. It's enlightening," said Snyder.