Wayne County Woman Shoots Husband; Calls Police

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP-- State Police were called to a home in Wayne County around 8:40 p.m. last night. Troopers say Joanne Noll called them to tell them that she had shot her husband at their home near Equinunk.

Sherri Dennis from Equinunk said,"(I'm)very shocked, it`s not something that usually happens like here."

This home just outside Equinunk is where State Police say Joanne Noll shot her husband James in the chest, and then called to tell them what happened.

"Usually very quiet, not much goes on, there was a drowning the other night, now this, kind of scary," said Dennis.

Robert Gill of Equinunk said, "There`s never no shooting around here generally that we know of."

People in Equinunk say that Jim Noll stopped in the Lookout General Store at least once a week, and when they heard what happened at his home, they were nothing less than shocked.

"We know them pretty well, they come into the store all of the time.  Every Sunday morning after church they`re here buying their paper, socializing, so it`s quite shocking," said Jim Cox, owner of the Lookout General Store.

"They were very friendly people.  They did a lot for their neighbor who is a 97-year-old gentleman, would plow his driveway and brought him his newspaper, did very nice things for him," said Peggy Cox, also with the Lookout General Store.

Joanne Noll was taken into custody and is charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

Michele Minor Wolf of the Victim's Intervention Program says domestic violence issues in Wayne County have been on the rise.

"It`s more rare, but unfortunately in Wayne County that`s what we`ve seen in the past couple of years," Wolf said.

Many people who knew the Nolls say they don't know what led to the shooting Sunday night, but believe that stress could have triggered this incident in their community.

"Everything seems to be getting lawless, people seem to be under a lot of stress, that`s the way I view it. Everyone is under a lot of stress and some people are starting to snap," Cox said.

James Noll was taken to Geisinger CMC Hospital in Scranton where he remains in critical condition.  Joanne Noll is locked up without bail in the Wayne County Prison.