Pool Tragedy Sparks Action

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STROUDSBURG -- One community pool in the Poconos is on high alert after a nine-year old boy in Carbon County died in a pool over the weekend.

Each day the lifeguards at Stroudsburg Borough Pool gather for a meeting to go over the day ahead.

But on Monday, the meeting is a bit more serious after a young boy drowned over the weekend. Police say, it happened at a crowded community pool in Carbon County.

"That's awful. Did they not have lifeguards?" said Teri Dehart of Stroudsburg.

According to police, two lifeguards were on duty at the time.

At Stroudsburg Borough Pool, manager Steve Wootton spent the morning hours talking to his staff about the drowning and how to make sure that doesn't happen under their watch.

"This is what we need to do to make sure we're on top of the game here. Constant observation, looking around each area you're assigned because we have five lifeguards up.  Keeping a head count of the number of people in your area," said Wootton.

To further ensure the safety at Stroudsburg Borough Pool, the lifeguards have set up diagrams inside their office. The diagrams show the areas of the pool they're responsible for watching, depending on how busy the pool is.

The pool manager also has a message for people who bring small children to the pool.

"Pools are not kindergartens, we're not nurseries.  We're not paid to look after your children, to the point we run around after them and scold them. We're here for safety, for everybody's safety," said Wootton.

"First of all she doesn't swim without me standing right next to her. But I trust this pool, I lived here my whole life. If you watch the lifeguards, they're only on the stand 15-20 minutes max, they're down, they rotate, move all around. I feel safe here," said Dehart.