Crews Tear Down Old Building

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DANVILLE -- A section of a busy street in Danville is scheduled to be closed for the next two weeks while crews tear down a dilapidated building.

About a half dozen people watched as crews put up a fence around the old Doc's Shoe Sales and Repair Building in Danville. A section of Mill Street is scheduled to be closed for around two weeks while the building is torn down.  Rosie's Comfort Shoes is just a few blocks away from the demolition. Employees say the store was not as busy as usual.

"Definitely a drop in retail business and maybe a drop in our diabetic business because people aren't going to want to come to Danville and wonder where they're going to park," said Rita Helwig of Rosie's Comfort Shoes.

Some business owners may have thought ahead when it comes to the demolition this week.  There are at least three storefronts with vacation signs on their front doors on Mill Street.

Mary Cram has lived in Danville her whole life and calls the building a staple there, but the borough condemned the building last year and the business never reopened. Cram took her grandkids to see the building before it is torn down.

"I've taken things there to be repaired, like purses and shoes. I guess it's just always been there," said Mary Cram of Danville.

Some say they are happy to see the building they call "An eyesore" torn down.

"It will be better because when it rains some of the parts of the building come down and fly all over the place," said Sue Corbin of Beaver Place.

Officials in Danville say the borough is covering the $90,000 demolition cost. After that, a lien will be put on the property. Work is expected to wrap up in two weeks.