Vandals Attack Tunkhannock Township Little League

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- Police in Wyoming County said they are investigating some break-ins and vandalism at concessions stands at the Tunkhannock Little League fields.

Now parents and players are asking for whoever`s behind this to stop.

At the Tunkhannock Little League fields, these young boys are learning all the fundamentals of sportsmanship and how to have a good time.

“I`ve always played this sport since I was little,” said first baseman Bryce Brown. “It`s fun when you hit the ball and it goes far and you run around the bases.”

It`s upsetting to these youngsters to hear vandals attacked their concession stands; one stand was even burglarized.

Angry parents posted a sign at that stand, writing: “No money left, you got it all”.

“Ever since everybody saw what happened they`re had really bad, sad faces and stuff and everybody`s been really upset about this whole thing,” said Samantha Stephens, a youth volunteer at one concession stand.

Tunkhannock Township police said they are investigating multiple break-ins at those stands, both at the fields off of Sunnydale Road and at fields off of Route 92.

Still organizers said no food or candy was taken, only about $250 in cash.

“We had break-ins on Monday night, in the evening and then again on Wednesday night, fortunately we did not take heavy losses,” said Bob Barkley, the little league treasurer.

Parents and grandparents said this type of crime is not only frustrating, it`s disgusting.

“It makes me sick that people would stoop that low that they would steal from kids, look what they did in Plains,” said grandparent Freda Coolbaugh.

All of the money raised at the stand goes to operating costs and equipment.

“This is all based on a volunteer program so nobody makes the money, it all goes back into the league itself,” said parent Stephanie Stephens.

The players and their parents are just hoping whoever`s doing this will either get caught or stop.

“Baseball is for fun and why would you rob from our money that we have to buy the stuff?” said Brown.

Anyone with information on these break-ins is asked to call Tunkhannock Township Police.