Heat Draws People to Campground

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- Some people embraced the hot weather today and headed to campgrounds in the Poconos.

Many people said they like spending the summer in the great outdoors, while others are hoping to beat the Fourth of July rush.

"It's a way to get away from the city, a way to get out. Let your hair down, enjoy yourselves, get outside, get away from the TV, get away from the games," said Bill Pugh, the manager of KOA Campground.

KOA campground near Delaware Water Gap should be pretty packed this weekend.

Some of the campers said they don't mind the heat and would rather take advantage of the summer months by spending time outside.

"We're mostly weekenders, Fridays, Saturdays and go home Sundays but right now we're up here on two weeks vacation," said David Morse of New Jersey.

Nearby, a group of friends from New York are unloading their goods and getting prepared for their weekend ahead.

"Actually I wanted to go to the pool, cause we don't have pools. We have Johnny Pumps, or they call them hydrants, right?" said Joseph Igneri of New York.

Although there are several spots open for campers this weekend, next weekend will be the busy weekend. The campground will be filled with red, white and blue and people celebrating the Fourth of July.

"It will be pretty full, we'll have a lot more people here than you think," said Pugh.

If you're looking to celebrate for the Fourth of July at KOA campground, there is still room available.