Early Crop of Sweet Corn

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There's an old saying: corn should be knee high by the Fourth of July, but the stalks this year are several feet high for some lucky farmers.

Dave Gross spends several hours a day harvesting juicy sweet corn from a farm near Sugarloaf. Gross said during a normal year the corn wouldn't be ready.

"This is the earliest we've picked corn here, normally it's the Fourth of July weekend is the start of it and we've been picking for a week, a week today actually," said Gross.

Gross added he can thank Mother Nature for the early crop.

"Normally we don`t get to plant the early sweet corn until early April, earlier this year with that stretch of warm weather at the end of march, we took a chance on two acres down here and it paid off this year because we could have got a foot of snow on it," said Gross.

The harvested corn ends up at Maylaths farm store and Tiffany Maylath helps sell it.

"We pick it a few times in the day. We start in the morning we'll pick a hundred dozen and as we need it we'll pick throughout the day" said Maylath.

Mary Ellen Silberg said the corn is fresh and she looks forward to this time of year.

"I had to go down to the grocery store and I sped back to be sure I could get here and make sure they had left over because we watch for the sign to make sure we get our first batch," said Silberg.

At Maylath's Farm Store sweet corn is going for about $5.50 a dozen but they predict the price will come down when other farms come online with their sweet corn.