Energy-Efficient Homes for Sale

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EAST BUFFALO TWP. -- The Union County Housing Authority has a couple of energy-efficient homes for sale that will save the environment and you, some money.

For sale signs are up outside a new duplex on West Market Street near Lewisburg.

A project of the Union County Housing Authority, a federal grant helped make the homes green, to save energy and money.

"Well with energy costs rising so dramatically, the constituents that we serve are the folks who can benefit the most from having low energy costs," said Bruce Quigley with the Union County Housing Authority.

The homes were built in about two months using many eco-friendly materials.

The unoccupied homes were monitored for a year to check energy-efficiency. UCHA officials said electric heating and cooling bills averaged only about $50 a month.

"These houses are significantly more energy-efficient than an Energy Star house. An Energy Star house is 15 percent more energy-efficient than a house just built to code. Our houses are 50 percent more efficient than an Energy Star house," added Quigley.

Outside, the siding is recycled steel. A special heating system and overhangs help reduce costs to heat and cool the home.

"Orienting the building properly, having the overhangs be sized properly so you don’t get heat-gain from the sun in the summer, and you do get it a little in the winter when you want it," said Quigley.

The inside features energy-efficient insulation, triple-glazed windows, L.E.D. lights, and Energy Star appliances.

Counter tops made of recycled paper and low-flow plumbing fixtures also help conserve resources.

"The environment`s very important, and if we can save on energy costs, it`s a great thing," said project manager Gregory Walker.

The UCHA received a $500,000 HOME grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development to build the new duplex, as well as make two existing homes more energy-efficient.

One home on South Armory Drive is about 70 years old. New insulation and heating upgrades make it 30 percent more efficient than a home built to code, according to Quigley.

The homes, listed at $100,000 each, are intended for Prime Time home buyers, age 55 and older, and for people with disabilities.

Potential buyers must meet income requirements.

Open houses will be held Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the homes at 1308 West Market Street and 802 South Armory Drive in East Buffalo Township near Lewisburg.

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