Transformation of Mulberry Street

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SCRANTON -- One of the busiest streets in Scranton is all ripped up as crews work to pave it.

The work on Mulberry Street is causing some headaches for drivers, but it's just the latest step in transforming part of that street in the Electric City.

There is a lot of commotion on busy Mulberry Street. On one stretch of the street near the University of Scranton, workers ripped up the old pavement. Up the hill they laid down the new blacktop.

Mulberry Street is getting repaved from Harrison Avenue through downtown to the North Scranton Expressway.

While there is a lot of noise and some traffic troubles, the paving is just the latest in the recent transformation along that stretch of Mulberry.

There are new buildings, new sidewalks, tree-lined streets and more, where there used to be a lot of blight and rundown homes.

Nicole Linko of Scranton walks through there all the time.

“It looks so much nicer now. The streets look really nice. I'm not afraid to walk around at night because they cleaned it up a lot," said Linko.

“I'm an alumna of the University of Scranton. I have watched the transformation over the last 20 years, and I think it looks absolutely incredible," said Laura Marion of Clarks Summit.

Marion believes all the changes are good for the university and for the city.

“The dilapidated homes had been up long before I attended. To see them come down and the beautiful curbstones and sidewalks and repaving the streets, I think it does wonderful things for the entire area," said Marion.

While all the paving work is underway, it will cause headaches for people trying to get to and from the area, but many people of the area said when it's over, it sure will be nice.

“Now, it's building up beautiful. The University of Scranton is beautiful,” said Al Scazafabo of Old Forge.

PennDOT said it will need a little patience until all the work is done.